Understanding The Difference Between Obesity and Overweight

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 Difference Between Obesity and Overweight

The Difference Between Obesity and Overweight


In the world that we live today, burgers and fries may well be as common as the sun, thus being careful with our health is a great priority. The two terms that are frequently mentioned are “obesity” and “overweight” during conversations about health and weight. This is while they are not similar with their criterions.


I will head the topic on being overweight at first. Once someone is introduced to overweight, this means he carries some additional weight on his body compared to what is thought to be healthy for his height. This could be a result of several factors, i.e., eating much or less and workout difficulty. Like a body is carrying around a backpack full of snacks but in excess over the body’s required supply of the weight, being overweight to the body is the same.


Now, let me put in a few words about this problem. If you have an extra weight, you are able to compare your situation to the fact that you are carrying a backpack. If you are obese, you feel like you have a suitcase with extra snacks on your head. Excess weight is much more than just a few more pounds – it means being overweight and more specifically having an excess of body fat. Moreover, these can develop life-threatening complications such as fat accumulating around the heart and other organs via straining.

Key Differences:

Body Fat Percentage:


Weight overweight is when a person has a weight above what is recommended for that height.


It is different since it is centered on that kind of having an unhealthy amount of body fat, not just excess weight.

Health Risks:


For many people, a slight excess of weight may not cause as many health problems as those linked to obesity, though they are still less severe.


These problems besides the other are the heart disease, diabetes and joint issues are linked with it.



Besides, one can get fat for many reasons having nothing to do with food, exercise or genetics.


Factors like inappropriate food habits and physical work decrease as well as genetic preposition can be involved in generating obesity.

Measurement Tools:


Yet, Body Mass Index (BMI) gets the most popularity to find out if somebody with unsuitable weight.


BMI is not only the accurate determinant of obesity but also varying measures like waist circumference and body fat percentage are considered as the alternate ones for thorough diagnosis.


In a fight of the bulges, properly perceiving the distinguishing factor between overweight and obesity can give you the very map that you need in maintaining and monitoring your health journey. Similarly they both oblige you to drag around unnecessary weights, but being overweight (obesity) is like the king of the ring, it has more health hazards and implications to your life. It’s imperative to note what we put into our body, to keep active and talking to people we trust when we need to. These will ensure that balance and help to fight those pizza cravings.

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