How to Get Rid of Hiccups: Effective Remedies and Tips

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How to Get Rid of Hiccups: Effective Remedies and Tips

How to Get Rid of Hiccups: Effective Remedies and Tips

A hiccup is an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm muscle that occurs together with the shut locking of the vocal cords as to lead to the production of the ‘hic. ’ Even though most of the time more of a discomfort than a serious issue which does not last long, hiccups can be rather irritating. General awareness of how hiccups can be treated is something that can offer a quick remedy before hiccups become a nuisance.

Common Causes of Hiccups
Hiccups can be triggered by various factors, including:Hiccups can be triggered by various factors, including:

-Gorging or consuming meals at a rather fast rate

– Consumption of beverages containing gases like in the case with soda or alcoholic beverages.

– Sudden temperature changes

-Excitement or stress

-Chewing gum or sucking a candy and swallowing the saliva with air in it.

Cures that can Help you Stop Hiccups

Breath Control Techniques

Hold Your Breath and stand in front of a mirror and try to breathe in as deep as you can and try to hold that breath as long as possible. This assists to raise the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood, something which helps to shut down the hiccup reflex.

Breath into a Paper Bag:

Inflate small paper bag with air and take slow deep breaths through the bag, avoid using a plastic bag. This also raises amounts of carbon dioxide, or CO2, in breaths and may aid in halting hiccups.

Drinking Methods Drink Cold Water:

People should slowly drink cold water because doing this can stimulate the vagus nerve that controls the diaphragm.

Swallow Sugar:

If you are dealing with hiccups, try to reach for a spoon with sugar and when you open your mouth, let it fall on your tongue, urging it to swallow – this directly activates the vagus nerve and thus, interfering with the hiccup reflex.

Drink from the Opposite Side of the Glass:

Drink water through a straw and choose the side that you took when performing this activity. This way of breathing may assist in breaking the hiccup cycle.

Physical Maneuvers Pull on Your Tongue:

Another effective but somewhat less practical method is to try to grab your tongue with your hand and pull it outwards which also helps to interfere with the hiccups as the act of pulling the tongue will also touch the vagus nerve.

Massage Your Neck:

Hic – hic, rubbing the neck or massaging over the carotid artery in the neck may help eliminate the hiccup reflex.

Press on Your Diaphragm:

Put advisable pressure on your diaphragm that is beneath the ribcage to get the muscle of your diaphragm relaxing.

Additional Tips and Precautions

  • Avoid Triggers It is wise to reduce foods and activities that can cause hiccups to reduce the frequency of the condition. Take your time with chewing your food, do not take soda and beverages that makes you burp and try to relax during pressure.
  • Stay Hydrated In some cases if a person becomes dehydrated hiccups can occur. Try to take a lot of water in the day, so that the body is well hydrated at the end of the day.
  • See a Doctor if Needed Hiccups in most cases are non-threatening and discharge themselves within the shortest time possible, however hiccupping for more than 48 hours may be as a result of a more serious ailment. If hiccups are frequent, prolonged, or aggravated by other symptoms, it is recommended to visit a healthcare facility to get examined and receive appropriate treatment.


Hiccups are generally not dangerous; however, they are uncomfortable to have. In many cases, one can use basic methods of breathing regulation and manipulation, types of liquid consumption, and specific physical positions. To avoid hiccups, the best option would be for you to learn likely causes, then ensure that you are avoiding such: For example, eating and drinking too quickly, drinking carbonated beverages, smoking, eating too fast, and ecstasy among others are some of the causes which can easily be avoided if you are cautious. In case of continuous symptoms or when they worsen, going for a doctor is a good move.

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