Mysteries of Cervical Spondylosis: Everything You should know

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Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis, also referred to as cervical arthritis or cervical osteoarthritis, represents a typical condition that progresses in the joints, intervertebral discs of the cervical vertebrae, or neck region of the spine. This kind of nerve impingement is the result of the natural process of aging, as well as other causes that fall in the category of spinal injury, repetitive movements of the neck or a possible genetic disposition.


Besides when we grow old, the cartilage and joints which make the spine in a condition of breakdown and pressure. While this natural progression, One can have cervical spondylosis due to it. In addition to these one could also mention factors such as bad postures, intensive level of work, smoking, and a sedentary lifestyle which have additive and cumulative effects on the appearance of backaches.


It is always helpful to avoid things (take steps for their prevention) rather than to repair them. To decrease the possibilities of cervical spondylosis, one must practice good posture and, specifically, to facilitate this, while sitting or standing for the long time. Try not to involve those movements of the neck, which are straining by curving them excessively or picking up of the heavy weights. Routine exercise with all the exercise that will strengthen neck muscles alongside maintaining an appropriate weight may be part of the effective prevention.


Although cervical spondylosis cannot be cured, there are quite a few strategies for reduction of its symptoms level and improving patients’ quality of life.These include:

Pain Management:

Most of people with cervical spondylosis use OTC pain reliever such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get rid of pains whereas. Nevertheless one should think highly of physicians counselling first before consuming the medicine.

Physical Therapy:

The therapist will provide you with the customized exercise routine, consisting of the neck muscles’ strength training and included flexibility improving. This type of manoeuvring can perk up the neck and make it suffer less pain and stiffness.

Hot and Cold Therapy:

An effective method of managing pain and inflammation temporarily through application of hot or cold packs is entirely feasible.

Neck Support:

A selected pillow with a supportive feature while sleeping and an ergonomic working system can relieve a strain on the neck.

Yoga Asanas:

Yoga has been known for long with its soft and efficient exercises, which are effective in clearing neck pain and enhancing cervical spinal health. Some beneficial yoga asanas for cervical spondylosis include:Some beneficial yoga asanas for cervical spondylosis include:

Neck Stretches:

Gently gain a little forward, backward, and sideways movements to improve the muscle tone of the neck.

Marjari Asana

Start in a neutral position with your hands and knees on the ground, then arch your back up as a cat and when finished lower your back and upper body and tailbone up like a cow.

Bala Asana:

Take a sitting position with heels firmly on the ground and then bring your forehead to the surface of the ground by extending your arms in front of your body to stretch the neck and spine.


Sit for leg stretch with your legs extended adding no stress on your neck and relax.

The practice of these yoga asana daily can serve as a tool to improving flexibility, diminishing pain, and an avenue for treating the neck health.

Finally, cervical spondylosis is a common issue that can affect many people as they belong to the age category over 50 years. Via the use of preventive measures, treatment of the symptoms and inclusion of remedies like yoga in to your day-to-day life, it is possible to blunt the pain and improve your level of life rather than feeling helpless. Obviously, it goes without saying that you should see your physician or healthcare professional before you attempt to incorporate any new exercise regimen into your daily routine, even if you have some underlying health issues.

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