11 Fun Facts About The Weird Things Humans Do

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Fun Facts

Weird Human Behavior

The human race is interesting, and sometimes our behaviors can be bizarre. To weird habits to strange mannerisms, here are 11 interesting facts on how people behave oddly.

1. Desire to Break Bubble Wrap.

Popping a bubble wrap is strangely satisfying. It’s either stress relief or just the fun of hearing those little “pops,” many humans will respond to this gloriously strange type of pleasure.

2. Pet Rocks’ Unnatural Love.

In the 1970s, people began a trend of buying and nurturing pet rocks. Indeed, inanimate rocks without apparent skills or necessities became transient friends. It is proof that we can be happy with something as simple and uncommon.

3. The Urge to Check the Fridge Despite Having Knowledge of What’s Inside

Ever find yourself standing in front of an open freezer despite knowing what’s inside? Surprisingly, such a conduct may be the behaviour of our brains searching for novelty or an escape from monotony.

4. The Mysterious Impulse to Push Elevator Buttons Repeatedly

Although pressing the elevator button several times does not cause it to arrive sooner, many humankind are unable to deny themselves this impulse. This is a typical demonstration of our impatience and the insatiable appetite for immediate results.

5. The Fascination with Popping Pimples

Despite the warnings of dermatologists, popping a pimple is accompanied with an irresistible satisfaction.This strange behavior draws on our inherent need to eliminate flaws even at the cost of skin irritation.

6. Good Luck through the Ritual of Knocking on Wood.

Superstitions such as knocking on wood for good luck are present in almost all cultures. Some may argue that this behavior is illogical, but from an ancient standpoint there were beliefs of spirits staying in trees thus making it a practice passed down through generations.

7. The Pleasure of Splashing in Puddles

Jumping in puddles is something that people enjoy doing no matter if they are young or old. Such a simple action links us to our inner child, giving liberty and joy even in an adult-like period of life.

8. The Attraction to Peculiar Smells

There is something quirky about the smells that humans can find appealing. It can be as individual to us as our fingerprints, from the smell of gasoline or fresh-cut grass or newly printed book.

9. The Comfort in Pet Talking

While the animals do not understand what is being said, people feel better from speaking to their pets. This conduct is a manifestation of our desire to be with someone and the curative dimensions in us sharing thoughts and emotions.

10. The Mysterious Brain Freeze

When consuming a cold-treat such as ice cream or slushie, some people get headache referred to brain freeze. It is an interesting effect that stems from a sudden palate cooling, demonstrating the complex ways our bodies react to stimuli.

11. The Crazy Habit of Getting Rubber Ducks

Somehow, collecting rubber ducks has become a weird hobby for most people. These floating yellow companions have an unexplainable charm, and since then an entire subculture of duck fans has emerged who swap, show off their beloved rubbery treasures.

Like a colourful tapestry in the style of Belinda Scott, human behaviour is also woven from these fun facts. The foibles that characterize our human condition are a glorious salute to the complexity and wonder of humanity.

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