Asthma When Breathing Takes Center Stage in Life

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Understanding Asthma

Asthma, also known as bronchial asthma, is like that guest who overstays their welcome in your lungs, demanding constant attention and care. It affects millions in the US, including over 5 million children. And let me tell you, it can get pretty serious if not treated.

The Asthma Attack

During an asthma attack, your airways throw a bit of a tantrum. Muscles tighten up, making breathing a struggle. The lining inside swells up and your body decides to throw in extra mucus for fun. Breathing becomes noisy.

Who’s at Risk?

Anyone can get hit with asthma. But if you’re into allergies or hanging around smoke—whether it’s someone else’s puff or even the smoky smell left behind that increases the chances. It seems females are affected by it even at birth.

The Culprits Behind Asthma

Now, why it happens isn’t entirely clear to the experts, but they have a few suspects. Allergies, smoke, family history of asthma, and even respiratory infections when you were a kid might all play a part.

What Triggers Asthma

riggers for asthma attacks are like little troublemakers. They’re different for everyone, from air pollution and dust mites to exercise, pesky pests, pet fluff, smoke of any kind, strong smells, or certain job stuff like chemicals or dust.

Recognizing Asthma’s Signs

And when it comes to the signs, it’s a bit like having a bad cold or feeling like an elephant’s sitting on your chest—tightness, coughing (especially at night), feeling out of breath, and that wheezy soundtrack playing in your lungs. They might not pop up in every episode, and they can change between attacks if you’re dealing with asthma long-term.

Cure and treatments

Asthma has become very common among humans especially women and teens due to bad lifestyles sometimes due to weak immune systems some of the best practices that can cure asthma.

Shatkarma – It is an ancient Indian practice that is done for cleansing of the inner body like nose pipe, food pipe, brain nerves

Pranayama – Prayanama is the best therapy. It increases the flow of oxygen in the body and in most cases, Asthama occurs due to blockages in the nerves pranayama works well for it some of the pranayama techniques are : 

  • Anulom-vilom 
  • Nadishuddhi 
  • Suryabhedi

Asanas – Asanas play a major role performing asanas can give fruitful results here is a list of asanas best suitable for Asthama

  • Suryanaskara
  • Bhujangasana
  • Dhanurasana
  • Setubandhasana
  • Ardhchandrasana

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