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HAIR GROWTH TIPS. Are you facing hair loss as well? I think it is quite obvious that is why you are crawling this topic throughout the internet. Well, I was in the same league 3 months before searching all over the internet. How can I get my hair back? I tried every formula and medicine, but nothing worked even though I experienced more hair loss.

On a serious note. I found nothing useful. Everything was simple speeches given by people who themselves are facing hair loss or are completely bald. I know how it feels not to have hair on your head especially when you are in your 20s and you and your hair loss becomes a hot topic for everyone, today I am going to share my personal experience with you guys about how I regain my hair, what practices I had and what precautions I took throughout.

I will cover everything in steps regarding what schedule I followed in these 3 months.


If you are a night owl staying awake throughout the night on a regular basis chit-chatting with your girlfriend or watching movies and you have a lack of sleep because of school or college or work routine then lemme tell you your hair is in quiet danger. There is a quotation we are hearing since our childhood early to sleep early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise well this is reality. I am not saying wake up early 5’0 clock in the morning. Just focus on having a good deep sound sleep for at least 7-8 hours in a single shot anyhow.


hair growth tips

Well, I think yoga played a major role in this process. Every day I did 11 Surya Namaskar without a skip for 90 days and running. This is something which makes me feel more energetic and somewhere I feel more confident in myself. Surya Namaskar is my personal favourite. You can do what you like it could be anything like Callisthenics, Yoga or Running but I won’t recommend Gym


hair growth tips

If you really want some serious results then stop eating junk immediately. It’s my personal experience going to share with you even though I didn’t believe this happened to me. One night. I was looking in the mirror at my hair on the front side and the same day I ate ( Chilli potato ) with my friends that were quite oily you won’t believe the next day I found grey hair at the same spot I was looking at last night in the mirror.

– On the second note keep at least 1 apple and Aloe-Vera and amla juice in your diet chart on a    regular basis empty stomach. I purchased Patanjali  Aloe-Vera and Amla juice. You can buy these products from nearby Patanjali outlets or you can buy them online.


I know some pople will say how could it relate to hair fall but let me tell you somehow, this is the thing you must focus upon the most this one is tough to follow but for your hair you have to. For this one I assue you by quiting for 3 months you will see some magical or unbelieveable changes within yourself


At last but not least stop taking stress. Stop putting pressure on your brain keep it cool the more heat it will generate the more your hair root it will damage. The more you will think about your problem the more you will focus upon your hair loss it will not benifit you just stop thinking about it and follow these practices  regularly and I believe you will definately get the results

Well these are some points I focused upon throughout the tenure of 90 days without skiping a single day and beleive me i got a handsome result on myself. I am not in support of allopathic medical treatments for hair available in the market because these chemicalised products have highly negative impact on body specially on mesculinity.



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