5 Simple Home Remedies to Tackle Oily Scalp Woes

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Managing oily scalp hair can be an irritating process; however, don’t worry as there are a number of easy and manageable home remedies that will help boost scalp health. Lost to the days of greasy hair? Try these six easy solutions.

Lemon Juice Rinse:

In addition to other benefits, lemon juice is also naturally astringent that aids in removal of the excess oil from scalp. For washing your scalp, pour fresh lemon juice into water and use this mixture before shampooing your hair. Wait for a few minutes into intervals and then use a shampoo product of your choice. The balancing action of the lemon acid reserves translates into oily skin regulations.

Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe vera is not coterminous sunburns, but it is an ageless remedial substance for the oily scalps also. Aloe vera gel is a great natural remedy to soothe and heal an itchy, dry scalp. 15 minutes is enough time for the gel to do its miracle effects. Aloe Vera has the properties as soothing and it helps to balance oils production but not the drying your hair.

Tea Tree Oil Treatment:

Tea tree oil has antimicrobial action in it that help you to maintain your scalp in a good health condition and less oily look. By dropping few drops of tea tree oil in your shampoo or a carrier oil such as jojoba oil, then whip them up together it can be used as a natural shampoo. Apply the mixture of the shampoo to the scalp with your fingers by massaging the scalp in place and then leave it as it is for a few minutes and finally rinse it in water. In case you forget, the essential oil derived from tress of tea only requires a small amount to be effective.

Apple Cider Vinegar Solution:

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) does offer a good way to help an oily scalp and thus, can be a life changer. Combing the ACV in a 1:2 ratio with water will give you a finishing rinse. Pour it after your shampooing. All these functions cleanse the scalp of superfluous oil, restore scalp pH norm, and add hair shine. No need to panic; a vinegar smell goes away as hair is drying out.

Cornstarch or Baby Powder Absorption:

Corn starch and baby powder have ability to soak up oil which makes them useful for cleaning the face after using makeup or oil-based splotches. Try to sprinkle what you think is a small amount on your scalp, especially near the roots, and gently massage them. Allow it to stay in your hair for a while, then run a comb, brush or your finger in your hair from the roots to the ends to make it more uniform. This method can aid you in getting rid of grease, and odour, and refresh your hair that you cannot even imagine in between washes.


Use these simple home remedies at home and you will gradually get better hair that will be less oily and you will have a more balanced head. Please be patient, it might take your scalp some time to adjust, and therefore it is important to stick with the routine. When the excessive oil persists or is accompanied by other scalp problems, this could indicate a more serious condition, and seeking the advice of a dermatologist will be the best solution.

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