Ancient Threat Awakens in the Arctic Ice: Mystery of The “Zombie Virus”

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zombie virus

The largest, icy regions of the Arctic hide a hushed menace. Viruses as old as time frozen in ice have been called “zombie viruses”. Now, with climate change they are emerging slowly. This article discusses ancient germs that could lead to a pandemic.

Frozen Time Capsules: Learning About the “Zombie Virus”

The zombie virus may sound scary, but it is nothing that you can’t handle. These viruses are simply very old types that have been frozen in the ice for thousands of years. The freezing temperatures keep them sleeping. However, with the warming of planet and ice melting these frozen viruses are thawing out. This can lead us to the unseen germs in our bodies.

A Recent Study: Reviving an Ancient Virus.

Scientists have recently thawed an ancient virus that lay frozen in the Siberian ice for 48,500 years. This shocked many scientists, proving that remnants of ancient germs can be revived. Although all “zombie viruses” are not hazardous to human beings, the possibility of discovering new pathogens that we know little about is worrying.

A Dangerous Mix for Sickness: Why We Should Be Concerned

A few things make the release of “zombie viruses” a possible cause for another big sickness:

New Germs:

Our bodies do not know how to fight these old viruses, making us prone to sickness.

Spreading Fast:

As more people travel from one place to another across the globe, a new virus could emerge and spread fast causing huge numbers of sicknesses.
We Don’t Know How Bad: We are unable to guess the level of sickness we might contract as a result, this may be slightly unwell or extremely ill.
Even though it doesn’t seem like a “zombie virus” sickness will occur in the near future, if this happens; it could be very bad. The COVID-19 disease in 2020 taught us that the virus can be such a big trouble. So we need to prepare ourselves and act in order to prevent it before things get worse.

Melting Ice, Melting our Plans: What Can We Do?

Discovering “zombie viruses” is not the cause of panic, this mean to do something.Here are some things we can do to lower the risk and get ready for possible sickness: 

Learn More:

These old viruses should be studied better to understand the threat and find treatment for them.

Watch Out Early:

Early detection and quick intervention are key in containment. In this regard, effective systems for monitoring emerging diseases across the globe are necessary.

Make Vaccines and Medicines: Studies on vaccines and antiviral drugs that can protect against numerous viral species may prepare our fight against the new virus clones.
Work Together: If some sickness starts anywhere in the world, every country should support and share information to stop it.

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