Om Chanting Powerful Cosmic Sound Of The Universe

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Spiritual and physical health by Om Chanting


“Om,” is a divine sound. It is also called Maha Mantra. All mantras in the Vedas begin with Om. Om is a symbol of meditation and spiritual practice. Chanting it regularly improves spiritual and physical health. Let us know how chanting “Om” balances the mind, body and soul and its benefits.

Om Chanting and Spirituality:—

Chanting “Om” helps in awakening the soul. It increases concentration and morale, allowing one to achieve greater spiritual experiences.

Om Chanting and Physical Health:—

Regular chanting of “Om” maintains the balance of body fibres, muscles, and breathing, which improves the physical structure. Om meditation helps in achieving healthy breathing, due to which the soul and body experience positive energy. Our energy becomes upward. Due to upward energy, man becomes simple, satisfied and positive in his life. Generally, in materialism, man’s energies are downward.

Om Chanting and Mental Health:—

Chanting “Om” helps in reducing mental problems, stress, and anxiety. It improves the mental condition and makes the person feel mental peace and positivity. This practice of meditation increases self-surrender by reducing mental stress.

Benefits of pronouncing different words of Om on the body –

Om is made up of these three words: Aa, Oo, Ma. By pronouncing Aa, stomach-related diseases are cured. The stomach becomes healthy and the muscles of the stomach become strong. Because the pronunciation of Aa helps in getting relief in the navel of the stomach. Due to this vibration, a magnetic field is created around the navel. It is this magnetic field that helps in eliminating all the diseases of the stomach in magnetic form. With its continuous practice, the navel chakra also gets awakened.

Pronunciation of “Oo” cures diseases related to the throat and chest. Pronunciation of “Oo” generates vibration in the throat which creates a magnetic field around the throat and with its help, many diseases like thyroid, sore throat, hoarseness and phlegm are cured. Diseases go away. Vishuddhi Chakra also starts awakening.

All types of mental diseases are cured by pronouncing “M”. Because the magnetic field created in the brain due to the hum produced by “M”, due to which divine powers are awakened around the medulla, these are the same divine powers which are present in the Muladhar Chakra. These powers starts moving around the medulla and moves to upside through the spinal cord, passing through all the chakras and at last it connect with the Ajna chakra. If someone practice this exercise with self-surrender, then the Ajna Chakra definitely gets awakened once the ajna chakra is awakened, one becomes completely healthy and positive.


Improving spiritual and physical health by chanting “Om” is a dedicated practice that can keep life positive. Regular practice strengthens a person in self-support and self-surrender, making his life balanced and happy. Chanting “Om” awakens forever the improvement in spiritual and physical health.

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