Becoming a Friend of The Mind: Self Development & Relationships

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Becoming a Friend of the Mind: Self-Development and Relationships

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The mind is a crucial aspect of our life that can assist in the self development. Let us know, by what means our mind can be a friend and through this, we can improve our quality of life.

Understand the mind:

The first step is to understand the mind itself. If we turn emotions and thoughts into friends, by understanding them.

Meditation and Yoga:

Meditation and yoga allow us to guide our mind towards peace, stability. This will ensure that our mind is always present with us and guides in the right way. Through regular meditation and yoga, our soul remains connected with us so that we can converse with it. Helps one to treat the mind as a friend and understand its great abilities.

Positive Thoughts:

The other way to render the mind a friend is by having favourable thoughts. However, the modern-day tense lifestyle engulfs the mind with stress and this prevails in our brains. Do not let anything be a problem in your mind. Command your mind to be positive always and rejoice in its wonderful capabilities. 
What inspires the mind is life well seen and still knowing how to learn something from every situation.


every shade of challenge and the masterpiece of your evolution are crafted by the artist within – the relentless spirit of personal transformation


Surrendering is required to familiarize oneself with the mind. When we commit ourselves wholly to our aims, the mind is with us- that means it supports us.

Make connections:

The first step in the establishment of friendships is the creation with others generous, friendly relationships. But through opening and probing Listening, we can develop meaningful relationships with others.

Avoid inactivity:

To maintain the peacefulness of his mental state, he should refrain from letting herself being idling.Laziness and inactive start making the mind sad, by doing work or being active it brings motivation within the mind.


The concept of winning over the mind as a friend is easier said than done and can be an arduous trek but which if begins will definitely lead to brighter days in our life where we achieve happiness. Instead of dedicating ourselves to the ideals that cause us harm, we may dedicate our thoughts and minds in directing them towards something positive by trying to bring about a coefficient increase which would lead us into an existence centered around happiness. In the end, though mind is our biggest foe. And when there is a foe, it turns into something that destroys things. toughen your mind and also go through all the stages of success in any purpose life.

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