Shambhavi Mudra: Unique Experience of the Soul

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Shambhavi Mudra


Shambhavi Mudra is an important meditation method for those who do yoga and want to realize themselves through meditation. It is a special type of mudra that helps in connecting the mind, body, and soul. causes accumulation. The name of this mudra is ‘Shambhavavi’ because by practising it a person establishes a connection with his soul with peace and ease.

Practice of the Mudra:

To do this Mudra, sit in Sukh Asana with your spine straight and join your thumb and index finger. The remaining three fingers should be straight. Now place your hands on the knees, leave the body loose and then close your eyes. Place it slightly in the middle of the eyebrows. The head should be up and the eyes should be half open and half closed. Just practice, do not try to meditate. If you do these exercises under the supervision of a Yogacharya, you will get incredible results.

Physical Benefits:

When we are born, we are so small. We do not have to do anything to make it bigger. According to the law of nature, it keeps growing automatically. Is it no less than a mystery because its creator is inside the body itself?

The hymn is (water, air, sky, fire and earth) which we call the creator. And the creator is working from within us itself. The innermost part of the body which is called Anandamayee Kosha. Through Shambhavi Mudra, we bring our physical body, energy body, mental body and etheric body in balance. When these bodies are in balance When it comes in the body, the Creator starts working and any kind of disease in the body starts getting cured miraculously. Regular practice of Shambhavi Mudra improves physical and mental health. This improves the functioning of the heart and activates the muscles and tissues of the body. It makes human life positive by reducing mental anxiety.

Beneficial in meditation:

Shambhavi Mudra increases concentration in meditation and thoughts gradually move towards zero. This removes fickleness and stops wandering of the mind in the state of meditation and the person starts moving towards his insight.

Self-awareness and development:

By regularly practising Shambhavi Mudra, we begin to become one with our soul and reach a state of self-awareness. Its practice helps towards self-development and enables us to learn the art of living positively.


Shambhavi Mudra is a unique yoga practice that significantly contributes to man becoming one with the soul. By practising it regularly, we feel balance, peace, and liveliness in our life. By practising it, we are able to make positive decisions and able to keep equality among everyone. This is such a special mudra whose practice of 15-20 minutes will change your life. You will love yourself and recognize the powers hidden within you, and then by becoming meditative, the journey of walking on the path of witnessing will begin.

Becoming a Friend of the Mind: Self-Development and Relationships

Today we have become mind-dependent because we cannot understand the mind, whatever the mind likes, it makes us do it and we keep doing it. If there is sorrow, it drowns you in more sorrow. If there is any problem or sadness, then the mind takes us very deep into this cycle and we keep drowning in it, which becomes the cause of our mental illness and we become dependent on medicines. Therefore, all these things do not happen in life. If yes, then it is very important to understand your mind. By understanding our feelings and thoughts, we can connect with our minds correctly. And can make him a friend.

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