The 7 Best Yoga Poses to Say Good bye To Your Back Pain

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One of the most widespread afflictions is backache which quite often bears its roots in leading a lazy lifestyle and poor posture. The integration of yoga into everyday life can indeed become the turning point that many people have implemented successfully to make a difference in preventing and relieving back pains. These are seven simple but excellent yoga asanas that you can use to make your back strong and also stretch easily.


First of all, on the mat position yourself on your knees with big toes touching each other and away from one another. Sit on your heels, then bring forward the arms and bend down with the upper body to get it closer to the mat. This passive stretch lengthens the lumbar curvature and releases stress accumulated in the lower back spine.


Start on your hands and knees, wrists under shoulders the way they should be with careful attention paid to each knee being directly below its hip. Breathing in, as your back is arched pull up your head and tailbone (Cow Pose)). As you exhale, round your spine tucking your chin into chest (Cat Pose). This shows spinal dynamics adaptability; this goes to enhance the spine’s flexibility.

Adho Mukha Svanasana:

Beginning on your hands and knees, lift from here towards the ceiling straightening out both legs. Maintain hands position shoulder-width and feet to be hip-width. A downward-facing dog not only elongates the whole back but also engages one’s core and legs.


Lie prone with your palms underneath the shoulders. Breathe into the body inhaling, and lift your chest off from the mat until slightly bent elbows. Cobra Pose helps to develop the strength of back muscles particularly the lower part which in turn opens up the chest and shoulders.

Setu Bandhasana:

Lie on your back with knees bent and feet 1 ft apart. Drive through the feet to elevate your hips toward the ceiling. In Yoga, one particular pose is called Bridge Pose. It focuses on the lower back, hips and thighs adding strength to your spine while also allowing flexibility in it for support purposes during movements like walking or running across wide spaces without falling over themselves with no assistance needed!


Place feet about one foot apart, turn the side most distant from the position of the empty left leg and stretch toward his toes with your opposite hand. The other arm should stay extended upwards. The Triangle Pose strengthens the muscles all along the spine, toning and lengthening to entire back.

Parivrtta Balasana:

From the Child’s Pose, get in position by placing one of your arms underneath that other arm and at a point as you twist. This asana soothes the spine, stimulating mid and lower back pain.


If you follow the instructions of these poses in your daily practice, then they can vastly help fighting and averting back pain. Ensure that you perform these postures with mindfulness, always observing your body limit. Stability is the order of things hence you should make an effort to work on these postures often for a healthier back that will stand strong. When attempting to engage in a new physical fitness routine first consult with your health care professional especially when you have previous pre-existing diseases like back conditions.

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