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In the shadows of the mind, where whispers dwell. Phobia rises, unseen tales they tell. Like ghosts in daylight, they dance and sway, Weaving fears where sunlight turns grey.

It is something that creates a massive amount of uncontrollable actions due to fear. This fear can be so overwhelming that a person may go to extreme limits to avoid the source of this fear affecting the person mentally and physically. Even Sometimes it can take the bearer to thoughts of suicide.

Every year thousands of suicide cases come to light due to extreme phobia factors. 12% of the total population of the U.S. is suffering from phobia in most of them are adults.


Not every person needs to have a phobia related to the same thing. There are several types of phobias people suffer are.

  • ACROPHOBIA ( FEAR OF HIGHTS ) – People with this type of phobia are scared of heights and avoid to go on hilly areas or mountains also their breathing starts getting heavier.
  • ASTRAPHOBIA ( FEAR OF THUNDER AND LIGHTNING ) – This phobia may cause severe mental trauma through which people are unable to come over it.
  • TRYPANOPHOBIA ( FEAR OF INJECTIONS ) – In this phobia person is scared of injections and the pain from it. The pain from injection is negligible but the imagination created by phobia makes the pain worse. Even people become violent during the time of putting it.
  • AGYROPHOBIA ( FEAR OF CROSSING ROAD ) – The honking of and speed of cars even makes it worse for the people having this phobia. They are scared of crossing the road.
  • LIGYROPHOBIA ( FEAR OF LOUD NOISES ) – The DJs and the party noises scare the people who are suffering from this phobia the sounds are the biggest nightmares for them they create an illusion of ghosts and scary places. These kinds of people love to stay in calm places like nature and green areas.


Well, it is not clear why phobia happens but medical science believes it occurs due to the environment and the genes of the parents. Might be because of some mishappening in the past bad experiences or the genes that came from parents suffering from a phobia or anxiety disorder.

Symptoms show the impacts of how you feel and behave. They include:

  • Intense fear.
  • Feeling the need to escape.
  • The feeling of immediate danger.
  • Feelings of disconnection from your own body and living in an imaginary situation.


We can relate phobia with anxiety because the symptoms are very similar and the treatments we use for anxiety work the same for phobia. They include:

  • STRESS MANAGEMENT – In a busy lifestyle take some time for yourself and focus on treating your body and mind with several techniques like Meditation, Laughing therapy, and Social Interactions and spending time with people you love to be with 
  • YOGA – Yoga is the best therapy to avoid or cure not only phobia but all other physical and mental-related problems. Some of them are Hastpadasanapaschimotanasanasheersasanashavasana
  • PRANAYAMA – Pranayama is the best technique to open all the blocked nerves and provide the necessary oxygen throughout the body. Well, every disease or disorder occurs due to a lack of oxygen in the body and pranayama fulfils it. some of the pranayama techniques are kapalbhatiBastrikaNadishodhan
  • FOODING HABITS – One of the main reasons every individual suffers different kinds of diseases is by changing food habits person can see drastic changes in the body within a few days. Avoid spicy foods, packed items and non-veg will give good results.


Anxiety may knock, but I’m the one in control of the door

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