Be Kind to Your Tummy: Foods to Skip on an Empty Stomach

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Foods to Skip on an Empty Stomach

Foods to Skip on an Empty Stomach


Having a strong start of the day by soaking a happy belly feels like giving your insides a warm hug. The fact remains that while there are some foods that are ideal for breakfast others are not. Sometimes a phase of itching might happen over an empty stomach that would be really annoying. A lot of times it also requires waking up early in the morning. We may talk about the foods you need to cut back if you are one of those people who feel nauseous sometimes, during such episodes.

Citrus Showdown:

Although oranges and grapefruits brim with vitamin C, they may undeniably b bitter and cause discomfort if consumed on an empty stomach. The acid could surprisingly cause side effects on the stomach leading to heartburn, tummy rumbles, or lower abdomen pain. Keep these fruity folks for a later snack.

Spicy Shenanigans:

Spice lovers, beware! That wish of going for the morning curry isn’t the healthiest way to keep your body in a good shape. An empty stomach without eating spicy foods may sound too frightening, resulting in unintended stomach volley despite being delicious. For a lighter meal, stick the pepper in.

Caffeine Conundrum:

Coffee enthusiasts, listen up! It is better to sip your day’s first cup of coffee rather than gulp it down without anything on the stomach. The acidity in coffee can be a pain, with a taste of nausea and adrenaline rushing. Note that guacamole can be a great accompaniment for any plate of breakfast.

Sweet Surprises:

Indulging in a sugary treat like a doughnut or a pastry may experience the taste just like a sweet dream, but they can soon explode as a sugar rush nightmare. These ups and downs in blood sugar levels can make us felt bumpy and do not have a good mood most of the time.

Fizz Fiasco:

Say no to coke before empty stomach! One thing that can make gas fest that your belly inflates like a bubble gum, resulting in bloating and discomfort, is the glubs in carbonated drinks. Rather than regular drinks – plain water is a better replacement for that keeping things inside calm.

Processed Predicament:

It’s probably not the best idea to grab a bunch of packaged snacks filled with more stuff than an early morning stomach handles. If you don’t have processed meals, your tummy sometimes can undergo too much to handle and you will end up with an uneasy feeling.

Tomato Tango:

Tomato is a yummy ingredient and it donates the acidity to your dishes. This course will be held in the morning when the students have not eaten anything for at least 3 hours. This might cause acid reflux or heartburn so we don’t want that.


As you float along with the flow of the day, always remember that there is an emptiness in your stomach that needs to be treasured as well. ‘Shift’ or ‘switch’ the ‘menu’ that would usually bring on the ‘noise’ and select instead to eat the morning foods that are pleasing to the palate instead of being aggravating. A cheerful stomach sets the stage for a day to dance through its moments with smile and vigor. Hence, treat the inside of your body with respect, and they will repay you with a great day full of good positive happy feelings.

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