Is it good drinking water after meals

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drinking water after meals

You have always heard from your parents or any elderly people that drinking water after meals is not good for your health. I know the first question raised in our mind after listening to this is a big WHY? Well, either they will give absurd answers. Which can irritate you or if the person is real. They won’t lie they will say the truth that they do not know. They are just following the words coming from ancestors from generation to generation. Even there is a huge debate going on. Whether you should drink water during the meal or just after the meal. Some of the intellectuals believe there are no side effects and it helps in digestion. On the other hand, some of them think any liquid especially water should be avoided at least 30-45 minutes after the meal.

Let’s understand it simply. We often use fire to cook food. So that all the germs inside it die and the nutrition of that food remains. If water is poured over cooking food. Then you know very well that the food will get spoiled. And all the nutrients will also not be broken into smaller molecules. The same thing happens in our body when we drink water during the meal or right after the meal.

Reasons why not to drink

Here are some of the main reasons why we should not drink water during or after the meal-

  • Digestion can be disturbed due to drinking water during or after the meal.
  • Our food carries bigger molecules. These are very important for our body such as protein, fats, and carbohydrates which cannot be digested easily. It has to break down into small molecules. Breaking down bigger molecules into smaller molecules is done by our digestive system by releasing digestive enzymes or HCL or you can say digestve fire in the stomach and the consumption of water during or just after the meal works as an extinguisher for the digestive fire.
  • when we drink water with the food or immediately after eating, our body is unable to absorb the nutrients properly available in our diet. And most of the nutrients come out of our stool. Meaning we are eating food and our stomach is getting filled but our body is not getting the essential elements that our body requires the most

There are so many articles with so many allopathy doctors claiming there is no side effect of drinking water during or just after the meal even if we should drink more and more water during the meals it is good for our Gut health. Well, this is an intellect with no logical concept. There is no difference in the working of nature and the mechanism of our body.


The lifestyle, we people are living is nothing but reducing our life span. We humans are so completely involved in it that we are not ready to come out of it. Even it is becoming more complicated and tougher to change with time.

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