Natural Ways to Clear Mucus from Your Lungs for Easy Breathing

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Natural Ways to Clear Mucus from Your Lungs

Natural Ways to Clear Mucus from Your Lungs for Easy Breathing


The removal of mucus from the lungs continuously may as well be a cumbersome ordeal which in turn limits your ability to breathe. But this problem has simple natural ways which may help to lessen it. Let us look at how we can eliminate mucus from the lungs in a much more efficient manner that will benefit respiration.

1. Hydration is Key:

It is highly important to stay properly hydrated as this facilitates the mucus thinning out of which it can be easily expelled. Water, warm herbal teas as well as clear broths to drink between daily meals are recommended in order not only to keep you body hydrated but also prevent your mucus from being thick.

2. Steam Inhalation:

Steam inhalation gives an instant relief, as this removes the mucus and provides soothing effect to respiratory tract. Boil water and let it sit in a bowl then lean over the bowl, putting your head under the towel to trap steam. Adequate deep breathing should be done regularly to remove mucus.

3. Honey and Warm Water:

Add a tablespoon of honey into cup warm water and consume this naturally prepared liquid. Honey is antimicrobial and helps relieve the throat, while also supporting mucus evacuation.

4. Saltwater Gargle:

Gargling salt brine prevents irritation of the throat and liquefies phlegm. By adding a teaspoon of salt into warm water and gargling several times daily, the relief from discomfort would be provided while promoting expectoration.

5. Warm Compress:

Relief is achieved by relaxing the muscles and breathing easier when a warm compress can be applied to your chest. Apply a warm piece of towel or heating pad and put it for about 10-15 minutes on your chest.

6. Stay Active with Exercise:

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Mild to moderate physical activities promote respiratory stimulation and induce clearance of mucus. In some cases, activities such as walking; swimming or yoga may increase the oxygen level in their blood helping them feel good.

7. Eucalyptus Oil:

The decongestant properties of eucalyptus oil have an emulsifying effect on mucous. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to opt water and inhale the steam or use it within a diffuser so clear your air passages.

8. Ginger Tea:

Ginger with anti-inflammatory is applied to alleviate respiratory conditions. Let it stand for about 5-7 minutes, then steal fresh slices of ginger in hot water to prepare a cup. Take it every day to lower the mucus and ease the cough.


These natural remedies by which lung mucus can be managed are not only easy to implement but also effective. After cleaning the nostrils, stay hydrated and inhale steam; honey is another natural remedy that you can add to other methods such as saltwater gargles these will ease down your breathing rate while promoting a healthy respiratory system. However, if your symptoms persist or become worse seek medical advice to determine a course of treatment.

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