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Diabetes is a part of life’s maze. But not the sum of all our days. It is a complex metabolic condition that is responsible for the alteration of the regulation of sugar levels in the blood. In this condition, the body is not able to produce a proper amount of insulin to fulfil the body’s needs. Or the cells are not able to work or act properly with insulin.

Insulin is quite an important hormone that is released and made up of beta cells in our pancreas. it is also considered as the main anabolic hormone. In simple words, insulin is a type of hormone that lowers the levels of glucose (sugar) in our blood Whenever the level of sugar increases due to eating. Insulin helps the sugar to enter the cells in the perfect amount needed by the body to stay energetic or to store for the future.



There are two main types of diabetes.

  • TYPE 1 DIABETES – It is a chronic condition in which the body produces less or no insulin. Generally, this condition can be found in children due to a lack of beta cells. Depending on how many B-cells of the pancreas are not functioning. The onset of symptoms corresponds to an 80% reduction in beta cell mass. A temporary treatment is available for this condition, which can give relief but no permanent cure is available.
  • TYPE 2 DIABETES – It is a chronic condition in which the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin or resists insulin. This condition can be found in any age group depending upon the quality lifestyle a person is living, the food habits and the physical workout. This condition is completely treatable.


Well in both of the conditions whether type 1 or type 2 symptoms are the same but what type you fall in have to be consulted with the doctor

here are some of the symptoms if found then the have act quick-

  • Feeling more thirsty than usual
  • Bedwetting especially who have never wet the bed in past in nights
  • The urge of frequent urination
  • Feeling tired in no time
  • Unwanted Weight loss
  • Slow healing in wounds
  • Blurr vision


Well, there are several treatments available in the market some are medicated and some are therapeutic and natural. And today I am going to tell all the organic and therapeutic processes. Which have no side effects at all with guaranteed relief.

  • DIET&NUTRITION– By avoiding all the junk and packed food available in the market which is working as a slow poison for the human race and start eating fresh organic food ( Apple, Citric fruits, green leafy vegetables – raw, avocado and all types of berries )

  • WORKOUT EXERCISES – Due to the lifestyle we are adopting in today’s world which lacks exercises workouts or any kind of physical work needed daily the sugar we store in the form of energy is not able to be released which keeps storing and turns into fat so the exercises are a must need ( YOGA, GYM, RUNNING, CYCLING, SWIMMING )
  • ACUPRESSURE – A naturopathic treatment that gives unimaginable results. In which body points related to certain body parts have to be pressed.
  • ACUPUNCTURE – Another naturopathic treatment with great success rates in this treatment needles are injected into the body and a little electric current is passed to release toxins & bad air.


Obesity is becoming a part of the lifestyle with every careless move made by human beings towards their health with strong and lusty intentions towards junk or can we say slowly poisoned food. And with no physical activities at all? undoubtedly yes!

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