Om is the essence of life

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The chanting of “Om” is not just a pronunciation. But a divine sound that transforms the negative thoughts present in our body into positive ones. In the Hindu religion, Om is considered a source of sacred meditation and spiritual practice. By which we can improve our mental and spiritual health. Chanting “Om” brings peace and calmness to the mind, and it assimilates the embodiment of Truth, Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

Feeling of self

Meditation and chanting of “Om” is an important part of Dhyana Yoga, which takes us into unity with our soul. By dedicating ourselves to this sacred syllable, we achieve a deep realization of our soul and attain freedom from worldly bonds. By practising this we become successful in controlling our mental restlessness and can fill our life with solace and prosperity.

“Om” also has special significance in the Vedas. Where it is considered a symbol of Parabrahman. It is seen as a cultural symbol, symbolizing the beginning and end of creation. It supports meditation yoga, bhakti yoga, and jnana yoga, through which we. One gets inspiration to understand and be free from worldly attachments. Even while living a worldly life, we can live a healthy and positive life by chanting Om.


The word “OM” is the supreme power of this universe. But If we chant for 15 minutes in the morning. And 15 minutes in the evening, we become healthy physically and mentally and also we get surrounded by the positive throughout our lives. The beginning of the awakening of spiritual powers starts If we chant Om for 30 minutes in the morning. And 30 minutes in the evening,. But if we chant Om for 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. Our chanting becomes a cosmic voice. This connects directly to the divine power and from there the journey of knowing oneself begins.

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