The mind is the biggest enemy change my mind

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Change my mind

Change my mind

The mind is a mixture of our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes it shows us a positive direction and sometimes it makes us negative. It collects our strengths and weaknesses and often tries to pull us towards them. Understanding the highs and lows of the mind is a challenging task. If we can control it, it can help us achieve our goals.

Stability of mind

It is important to keep the mind stable. Positive and continuous thoughts can bring peace to the mind and make life happy. On the contrary, negative and unstable thoughts can disturb the mind, which can harm physical and mental health.

The human must be dominant over the mind


Nowadays the lifestyle has become distorted. One eats according to one’s mind and thinks according to one’s mind, the intellect has become dependent on the mind. Today man is mind-oriented. With good morale and freshness, we move towards our goals and are successful in taking life to the heights of success. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your mind calm and encourage positive thoughts.

Be your mind’s friend, not the enemy

Take the company of positive and moderate friends. Try to make the mind stable and calm through yoga and meditation. Eat vegetarian food which makes our mind stable and calm. Along with mental condition, it also affects physical condition. Try to introspect so that you can understand your thoughts and feelings.

If the mind is healthy then we are healthy. Most of the diseases originate from our mind which affects the body. However we have to change our minds process. And by practising Anulom-Vilom for at least 15 minutes and chanting Om for 15 minutes. With this practice, not only we but also the environment will remain pure and healthy.

Om is the essence of life

The chanting of “Om” is not just a pronunciation. But a divine sound that transforms the negative thoughts present in our body into positive ones.

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