Tale of Triumph and Hope Where Dreams Soar High An Inspiration

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An inspiration: There was a nomad. He was moving towards Delhi loaded with silver on oxen. While passing through the village on the way, he sold a lot of silver. The sacks of silver loaded on the backs of oxen would be halved. Now he started thinking about how to put sacks on the backs of bored bulls. Because the weight of the sack was on one side. His servants asked, “Master, what should we do now?” Banjara said, what are you thinking, fill one side of the sack with sand, this is a desert land, and there is no shortage of sand.

The servants did as their master told them. On one side of the backs of the oxen, there would be half a sackful of silver and on the other side, there would be half a sackful of sand.


A gentleman from Delhi was coming towards him. When he saw sand falling from one side of the sack loaded on the oxen, he asked why the sack was filled with sand on one side. The servants said to maintain the balance. That gentleman said, what foolishness are you doing? You and your boss are alike. You are killing the bulls by carrying the load for free. Tie two sacks of silver in half on one side. So at least half the bulls will be able to walk freely without any load. The servants said you are right but we will do only what our master says. You go and talk to our boss.



That gentleman met the nomad and told him this. The nomad asked where have you come from and where are you going? That gentleman said that I am a resident of Bhiwani. Went to Delhi to earn money. Stayed there for a few days but then fell ill. The little money I had earned was spent. I suffered a loss in my business. And I was left with nothing. So I thought I should go home now.

After listening to that gentleman, Banjara told the servants not to listen to him. We will continue as we are. This gentleman has intelligence. But that gentleman does not get good results. If the results were good then he would have been rich. Our intelligence may not seem right. But its result is good. I have never suffered a loss in my business. Banjara reached Delhi with his oxen. There he bought land, laid out different heaps of silver and sand and told his servants to take the oxen to the forest and keep them where there was pasture and water. How will we earn here if we buy fodder and feed them? The selling of silver started.



On the other hand, the Emperor of Delhi fell ill. The doctor said that if the king remained on the desert sand, his body could be cured. Sand has the power to heal the body. Therefore send the king to the desert immediately. The king’s minister said, “Why should the king be sent to the desert? He gets sand from there only.” Send the camel to get the sand. The second minister said why send the camel, you will get sand right here in the market. 

Hey, this is the market of Delhi, everything is available here. I have seen a pile of sand in one place. The first minister said then get him quickly. The king’s men went to the nomad and asked him how much the sand cost. Banjara said that whether you buy silver or sand, the price of both is the same. They came with equal weights on both the oxen. The king’s men bought all that sand. If Banjara had listened to the gentleman coming from Delhi then how would he have got this free money? This proves that Banjara’s intelligence works well.


The lesson we learn from this story is that those who have made real progress in their lives, whose wisdom has developed, who have experienced the essence, and who have eradicated their sorrows, distress and unrest, should accept the words of such saints and mahatmas because the result of their wisdom is correct. That’s what happened. Just like someone who has earned a lot of money in business, if we do whatever he says, we will also get benefits. Even if we don’t understand what he says, we should accept it. And those who give useless knowledge have never achieved anything in life they should be ignored.


In the silent chambers of a restless mind, Anxiety whispers, elusive and unkind. A symphony of worries, a tumultuous sea, Tides of unease, crashing relentlessly.

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