Understanding Rhythm Of The Marvals Menstrual Cycle

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Having a mother and a sister in the family, I’ve seen them go through many phases during their menses. Undoubtedly, periods is something we men would not want to go through. Women surely bear a lot more than men, physiologically and emotionally speaking.

The starting age for a girl to start periods is somewhere around 11-12 so you know it isn’t easy to be bleeding the whole day for 5 days every month and that too for half of your life…huge respect for women🙏

Now coming to,


‘what is menstrual cycle or periods?’

The menstrual cycle has four phases, namely, 

Menstruation, Follicular phase, Ovulation,

and Luteal phase. 

Most of you might be familiar with the first phase ‘Menstruation’ but not with the rest.

Yes, your period isn’t just the process of blood coming out of your vagina, it’s way more than that.

Let’s get to know the four phases of menstrual cycle 

1. The 1st phase, ‘Menstruation’

Menstruation is when a woman disposes of the monthly accumulated blood and tissue from the uterus through the opening of the cervix and then through the vagina. It is the fluctuation of hormones that occurs when progesterone levels decrease and is a sign that a woman isn’t pregnant.

2. The 2nd phase, ‘Follicular phase’

The follicular phase is a stage in a woman’s menstrual cycle in which an egg (ovum) reaches its maturation in the ovaries making it possible for a woman to get pregnant. 

3. The 3rd phase, ‘Ovulation’

Ovulation is when the matured egg is released from a woman’s ovaries traveling down the fallopian tube to reach the uterus and be fertilised by sperm. 

4. The 4th and last phase, the ‘Luteal phase’

It is the phase that starts after ovulation

and ends on the first day of the period. It is that stage when our hormones progesterone and estrogen (female sex hormones) nourish the fertilised egg.

The normal menstrual cycle lasts for about 25-28 days. It starts with the 1sr day of the present period and ends on the 1st day of the next period.


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