The Night: Mystery of The Night time Nausea

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Nausea can appear at any time uninvited, but when it chooses to make an appearance at night, it makes us feel confused and restless. Therefore, in order to find out what causes our nausea to appear at night and disturb our sweet dreams, we may research a few possible reasons.

1. Late-Night Snacking:

Some of the guilty parties of nighttime nausea include heavy or spicy meals close to bedtime. Digestion is an energy-consuming process, and after a heavy meal, the digestive system works harder than usual, sometimes making us feel uncomfortable and sick to the stomach. If you find yourself hungry just before bedtime, it’s better to choose lighter snacks.

2. Acid Reflux or GERD: 

Nausea caused by acid reflux, in which stomach acid moves into the oesophagus, worsens when lying down. Gastroesophageal Reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic form of acid reflux that can worsen the symptoms at night. Raising the head during sleep and refraining from consuming acidic food before bedtime can make this problem go away.

3. Pregnancy:

Nausea at night is a common companion for expectant mothers. The term “morning sickness” can be misleading because it can occur at any time of the day including during the night. This nocturnal nausea may result from hormonal changes and waking up on an empty stomach.

4. Medication Side Effects:

One of the side effects of medication is nausea. Nighttime nausea could be caused by taking some drugs before bedtime. However, if you start feeling uncomfortable due to the drug, your practitioner needs to discuss the possible changes in the therapeutic plan.

5. Dehydration:

Thus without enough fluid intake, dehydration may occur, which causes nausea, and in the worst case – it occurs at night. You can avoid this discomfort by keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day through sipping water at regular intervals. On the contrary, one should be advised to minimize water intake as we approach the time to rest for avoidances of disturbed sleep by constant visits to the toilet.

6. Stress and Anxiety:

Psychological state affects our life quality a lot and stress or anxiety can be revealed in the physical aspect, even nausea can be influenced by this. Perhaps, the dark hours, are usually reserved for quieter moments and hence may be a setting for these feelings to emerge. Relaxation technologies, as well as establishing a quiet evening routine can help when it comes to controlling stress-related anorexia.

7. Inner Ear Issues:

Earlier in the discussion, the presence of inner ear disorders, like vertigo or labyrinthitis has been mentioned because it is common for such a condition to cause nausea that can actually represent the incipient onset or the underlying development of full-blown nauseated dizziness. It is these conditions that may bring a disorientation to our body’s balance system causing nauseous feelings. If the presence of the disorders inside the ear is detected then the advice of the doctor becomes one of the most important concerns in this regard in order to solve the issues through the correct diagnosis and treatment.


To sum it up patients who tend to achieve sickness through the night may face a night for different reasons— from their dietary decisions to underlying sickness. The first step towards providing the comfort that a person longs for is to understand what causes the discomfort. In the case of the nighttime nausea turning into a persistent or acute condition, the patient should seek a piece of professional advice on what caused it to experience such a response and find an adequate curative measure for a nausea-free nighttime sleep.

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