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Obesity is becoming a part of the lifestyle with every careless move made by human beings towards their health with strong and lusty intentions towards junk or can we say slowly poisoned food. And with no physical activities at all? undoubtedly yes! And here’s the thing to think about people are ok with it. But only until somebody bully’s them out or by facing taunts from relatives or when the opposite sex rejects them because of their badly structured body. Well, that really hurts no? Or at last, if they get diseased. Obesity is not a disease but it is a loophole for diseases to attack you. barely a disease will remain which obesity does not attract diabetes or hypertension, cancer or heart attack or angina, Osteoarthritis and so on.

The lifestyle that humans are adapting and getting trapped in it with every passing of time. Working hard to achieve luxury cum trapping path to become a home for various diseases and opening hospital gates for themselves and completely avoiding their health. Sooner or later if people will not focus on their health and half of the population become obese then there is no single doubt this is going to be our mutation with a shorter life span.

The World Obesity Federation has recently published in the world obesity atlas 2023. In the upcoming 12 years or by 2035 around 51% of the world’s population will be obese or overweight. Seems like this is going to be the next mutation for human beings with a huge fall in the life span of humans.

This is something that every individual must think about. If they really want a happy, healthy and disease less long life till their last breath.

Now the question is do you have Obesity? If yes then at what level and at how much risk?

There are six primary categories that have been divided by W.H.O for measuring in what category a person falls-

  1.  BMI   Below 18.5   –  Underweight
  2.   BMI  18.5-24.9       –  Normal Weight    ( Perfect )
  3.   BMI  25.0-29.9      –  Pre-Obesity           ( Begining )
  4.   BMI  30.0-34.9      –  Obesity Class 1    ( Alarming )
  5.   BMI   35.0-39.9.    –  Obesity Class 2    ( Critical )
  6.   Above 40                 –   Obesity Class 3   ( Danger zone )


What is BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index which defines what category a  person falls in by simple formula of dividing weight in kgs by height in m2  ( KGS/M2 )

For eg. if a person is 80 kg and the height is 1.75 m2


(80kgs/1.75m2) = 22.8 BMI

Now you can check in which category you fall. Class 1,2,3 Obesity should not be taken for granted there are huge chances of being caught by life-threatening diseases

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